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Get inspired, get results - for yourself, your teams, and your business.   



You want to enable yourself, your team and your business to be the very best you/they can be! 

You're a Gen Y career seeker with ambition, a sense of responsibility and a desire to make a difference in the world - and you could use some help sorting out what your goals, values and vision are.

You're a Millennial entrepreneur or team leader/manager and you are looking to develop your leadership style and vision so you can help yourself and your team.

You're a wonderful colleague in a dynamic work environment looking to develop your communication style, interpersonal skills or assertiveness levels.

In short, you are looking for a professional sparring partner (for yourself or your team members) who understands the modern work environment and helps you grow.

Design the mission...



Get a new perspective.

 Coaching is about figuring out your next steps in work and life. It's about getting creative and prioritising - tackling issues head on and making things happen. It's about navigating your surroundings purposefully and understanding the ever-changing landscape around you. It's about connecting with your values, dreams and ambitions - and making powerful choices based on what is truly important to you. It's about converting your aspirations into concrete actions. The process will be energising & empowering (and perhaps also a bit confusing & emotional :) - and it will help you grow.

Over the course of a few months we will work on the pain points you encounter in developing your full potential. We will set an overall goal to work on and you will bring related specific examples/topics/occurrences to discuss to each of the sessions. We will talk, walk, draw, write, etc. to uncover new insights and get to the core of what to change. O, and there will be plenty of homework for you to do! 

If you are up for the challenge a coach trajectory can be the transformation you need to grow and take charge of your journey!

Set out to sail...

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Nice to meet you!  

YBHuman Coaching focuses on young (Gen Y/Millennial) professionals and expats - and those who manage them. YBHuman is on a mission to ensure that you feel (more) confident and empowered in today's rapidly changing environment. The coaching specialises in the growth & development of talented people in ambitious, high-powered and/or entrepreneurial settings. Why? Because it is important to allow you to flourish and bring your idealism, authenticity, creativity, strength and compassion to the leadership table. 

Let's get rid of high burnout rates, frequent job switches, dysfunctional teams and self-esteem problems. change starts today.

Discover beauty...

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YBHuman Coaching uses a range of techniques to help you reach the goals you set for the sessions. There is an emphasis on confronting you with what you are telling yourself, what you are not telling yourself, what you are feeling and what you are not allowing yourself to feel. In other words: the focus is on uncovering who you are, determining where you want to go, discovering what is holding you back and encouraging you to move past it. There is room for skill development and sparring. Feel free to reach out if you have questions about the methodology or flow of the sessions. 

There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to coaching needs, but most coaching questions can be addressed by setting up a sequence of 5 or 7 one hour sessions. Contact YBHuman to discuss various package & pricing options. A free 20-30 minute trial session is available.

By listening, challenging, engaging and encouraging a coach supports you in developing your own solutions.

Develop new perspectives...

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YBHuman Coaching is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Coaching sessions can be scheduled in-person in Amsterdam (location WeWork Metropool) or via phone/WhatsApp call or Skype/Hangout.

If you are looking to grow and want to become an effective inspiration for yourself, your team, your family and your friends - get in touch! 

And lead the way...



It was very useful! If I look at where I was when we started a few months ago and where I am now there’s a big difference. Developing my perspective has been very powerful. You took on the role of challenger and responded to me with the right level of flexibility to make sure the approach worked for me.
— Albertine, Founder Hackastory, Utrecht, Netherlands
It was well structured and engaging. Even though it was just over Skype, I felt empowered by engaging with a strong woman like yourself.
I think you are a great listener and genuinely care about the people you work with. Feeling this had put me at ease and made me excited about the sessions.
I was impressed by your ability to think on your feet.
There was a good balance of you leading/delegating and me thinking for myself.
— Veronika, recent graduate, London, UK


Contact details

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Phone: +31 (0)6 11 22 29 95

Available for coaching sessions on Monday evening, Thursday evening, Saturday & Sunday.